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Port Coin

What is Port Coin?

Port coin is the encryption currency sold as a virtual currency based on the port business of Batam Island in Indonesia. With the port as collateral, this cryptocurrency has been drawing attention from many investors. Batam is a small island in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago in the South China Sea and is a short boat ride from Singapore. It is part of a free trade zone with multiple busy ports. It is rapidly developing at an unstoppable pace and is attracting attention from companies all over the world. There is so much demand from ships leaving Singapore and wanting to dock in Batam, that this rapid development is showing no signs of slowing down.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the block chain technology in port business investment by creating a clear economic incentive for market players.

Based on the fund investment model, we introduced the block chain technology to port business investment. This inturn brought innovation to the port operation investment business model. Our goal is to promote the use of the block chain and encryption currency in the mass market by solving the traditional problems related to port business investment. It is our wish for a wonderful future that can be integrated into a transparent and safe worldwide distribution ledger where all port operation investments are based on block chain technology. This will ensure that trade port business investment is prompt and has low transaction costs without intermediation. In order to realize this future sooner, we believe that cooperating with all governments and private projects is necessary.

In the long run, we believe that direct interaction with governments will be very important, but in the case of directly affecting financial results, business people will respond promptly and adopt innovation. Encouraging business leaders to use block chain technology will push the lobbying to politicians toward adoption of the block chain registry.

We provide market players with a protocol for PRC tokenization and a platform for exchanging PRC tokenized port business investment. PRC tokenization makes it possible to trade port operation investment by subdivisions, and as a result makes accessible by subdivision possible. The seller attracts new buyers who do not have the opportunity to invest internationally and who do not want to pay a high trading cost or who could not afford to purchase port business investments in the past. Also, it will open the market up to people who want to purchase port business investments with cryptocurrency. The buyer is further motivated by the transparency and liquidity provided by secondary markets in the platform and secure transaction records stored in the block chain.

By using our company, we can purchase and sell port business investment which is PRC tokenized with instantaneous transactions and low transaction costs in a reliable and quick and smooth way.

Port operation investment can be posted partly on the platform and because the entry ticket is very cheap, anyone can become a buyer. We are the first port operation investment PRC tokenization project with an executable B2B marketing strategy and we will provide solutions to port operation investment developers, investment companies and intermediaries. As those players are interested in new distribution channels, they can leverage their marketing budget to promote the PRC tokenization protocol and quickly complete the exchange with PRC tokenized port business investment around the world.