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Batam Island

About Batam Island

Batam is a small but busy island in Indonesia of nearly a million inhabitants. It is known as the production leg of Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle. Located only 20km from Singapore and 25km from Johor in Malaysia, Batam is Indonesia's equivalent to China's SEZ's (Special Economic Zones) - a place where the nation's economic planners test new economic policies and ideas. The island is an industrial hub with electronics factories, a large and growing ship repair industry and an even larger oil service sector.

The island of Batam today is the third busiest entry port to Indonesia after Jakarta and Bali. All Batam ports, namely Harbour Bay (Jodoh), Batam Centre, Nongsapura, Sekupang and Waterfront City (Teluk Senimba) are visa-free and visa-on-arrival ports of entry. In recent years, the island emerged as a popular destination for visitors from not only Singapore and Malaysia, but also from other countries in Asia and Europe who flock to the island for its first class golf courses, splendid sailing experiences, duty free shopping, rejuvenating spas, relaxing beach resorts, mouthwatering fresh seafood, or just for various family fun activities. Surrounded by many beautiful islands in the Riau Islands Province and given its unique attractions and warm hospitality, Batam also welcomes Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) participants for business and convention activities.

The Indonesian rupiah may be legal tender, but the Singapore dollar (S$) is Batam's unofficial second currency. Tourist-oriented hotels, restaurants and shops usually quote prices in S$.

There are seven golf courses in Batam that already have worldwide reputation. Nongsa Point Marina also has berthing facilities for yachts, sailing, as well as diving facilities for those wishing to explore Riau's many islands. An ideal destination for MICE activities, Batam also has the Sumatera Convention Center (SCC) that features a 1,064 seat auditorium with a permanent stage and an outdoor arena that can accommodate up to 15,000 people. With its marina facilities, lately, Batam has become the stepping stone for yachting into Indonesia's spellbinding tropical islands.

Shipbuilding and electronics manufacturing

Shipbuilding and electronics manufacturing are important industries on the island. Being located close to the ports of Singapore, the speed of goods shipping and product distribution is increased, benefiting the island's economy.