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About Us

Executive Summary

Our company that provides technology development, demonstration and the introduction for expanding port operations and spreading a token economy in trade settlement.

Our protocol covers aspects of a tokenization technology as well as corporate structure and compliance. This protocol is a solution that can be used easily and instantly for port business investment. This protocol will be the new standard in the industry and our platform is a market for initial sales and secondary trading of tokenized port business assets. With this platform, you can divide and trade port operation investment with high liquidity and low cost.

Our company is the first port business investment with actual prototype to operate as a tokenization project. Before joining the token cloud sale, you can purchase a tokenized port business investment on our platform.

Our team started in 2011 and is now in its sixth year and we are in co-operation with several shipping companies. We also employ experts with excellent careers in investment, finance, marketing and sales.

Our company is the first tokenization project with a viable market participation strategy. Proposals from us to market players provide clear economic incentives to use and promote our protocol using marketing budgets.


Business Summary - PT. Port Sekupang Batam

Port Sekupang opened in 2011 and is now in its eighth year. The port is about 1.2 times the size of the Tokyo Dome, or about 6 hectares. We have been operating together with several shipping companies and our strength is to tie up with the government. This tie up ensures that we can check the shipload on the spot thus making everything work very efficiently and speedily.

We are currently handling 15% of all entries into Batam but expect this number to rise as the port is scheduled to be upgraded (landfill) and we will expand our enterprises once it is complete. We have already signed a contract with a new shipping company at the port of the landfill site and we plan to sign more contracts and increase our handling percentage in the future.

There are currently a lot of tanks and containers in Singapore that cannot enter the port due to size and this new landfill project will increase the amount of ships entering the port. Larger ships will also be able to use the port thus also increasing the load size.

Also, by expanding the port we will be closer to Singapore and we can acquire a lot of shares. With this knowledge it is easy to see that Batam Island, which has massive developments planned in the future, is a treasure trove of endless opportunities!

Port Coin Top Features


Our port operation investment is a true peer-to-peer system. Decentralized cryptocurrency has no connection with any state, government or entity.

Strong expertise

Our team has more than $400 million in trading experience in port operations investment. The background and expertise has led to breakthrough innovations.

Low Transaction Costs

Traditional costs imposed on port operation investments are eliminated by PRC tokenization.

Fast, easy & secure

Our protocol eliminates 3rd party brokers, lawyers, banks by adding to the network, taking information such as posting information, flow of documents and payment.

Our leadership

  • Alvin Sim
  • CEO
  • Alvin is a graduate with a diploma in accounting and operates a shipping and warehousing company. He also owns a container trucking company with 500 employees and 500 units of prime movers and lorries, all for over 15 years. Alvin has owned the public port in Batam Indonesia for 10 years and is currently in the process of expanding the public port for 30 years concession.
  • Martin Webb
  • COO
  • Martin was born in England in 1977 and after graduating from university he joined a publisher in London and later on moved to Tokyo in 2000. After working as a freelance writer and a fashion editor, XX became an editor of the academic department for the English language newspaper The Japan Times in the 2005. From 2007 to 2009 XX was in charge of marketing of multiple fashion and luxury brands at a well-established PR agency WAG Inc., and in 2009 he took office as head of marketing for LVMH and Sumitomo Corporation's joint venture Mark Jacobs Japan Co., Ltd which sells luxury brands such as Cartier, Ferrari, Vivienne Westwood, Rui XIII, Seiko, La Maison du Chocolat, Jay West Weston etc. It was established as a comprehensive PR agency in 2014.
  • Akinori Hori
  • CEO
  • Akinori is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people acheive their dreams. He is interested in all kinds of technology that can help advance human progress.
  • Eiichiro Tani
  • Advisor
  • Eiichiro has worked for many major financial companies that deal with securities, FX, commodity futures trading for over 20 years. He holds the qualifications of technical analysts and FPs and he works as a consultant for financial affiliates. Utilizing the work experience on cryptographic assets for several years, Eiichiro has also been active as an advisor to an ICO project in recent years.